Why we hurt others


Things to know before reading this article:

  1. People put their own interests first
  2. Whatever your thoughts are, your actions are what identifies you
  3. Everything happens for a reason, whether you like it or not


In psychological behavior classification there’s what we call “Personality type” which refers to the psychological classification of different types of individuals. Everyone of us has a different personality type that defines or explains his behaviors, but could this personality type change during his life?
Actually NO, it doesn’t change but depending of the events we face, we practice some additional behaviors, which unexpectedly could change he personality but not the type.

It all starts with a simple reason, good or bad reason it doesn’t matter, a reason that could change the way of living of any of us, and our first reaction is what defines the ending.

Sometimes you think that you’re doing the right things, while you’re totally horribly wrong. In most cases it’s all an illusion made by our minds or by the people around us, people we really trust, we get inspired from, and that’s the point, because people who are likely to cause us harm of any sort are likely going to be people we trust.

Once the bad happens, an in-mind investigation step begins, where we start to bind every event to another, and the final result is what we usually call “the truth” which produces a special feeling, a feeling that we could never expect, not joy and not sadness, you can’t truly understand it until it really happens.

All this will get us into a final deep feeling of sadness, but after some time (usually months), we start to feel better and better and this will make us changing our lifestyle to a more risky lifestyle, I’ve struggled to understand how we so easily accept a lifestyle that includes risks of death and/or incarceration. From my perspective, the choices we make are self-destructive,

In other terms, living this “self-destructive” lifestyle actually serves to increase the good feeling when hurting others which makes us more comfortable.
This makes us a whole new personality, a destructive and heartless personality, you’ll notice this in your behaviors and you’ll lose the ability to forgive people for even any mistake.
you could even do things that you’ve never thought you could do before.

At this point, the best feeling is to revenge to people who gave you the first reason, but is it the right decision? I’ll let you answer this question 😉

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