Who manipulates your feelings every day?

There is a possibility that many of you are aware about that well, and that you agree with what I’m going to say, I’ll write it anyway:

“If you think that advertising is aimed at promoting (product-goods-services…) offered for purchase, you are wrong, terribly wrong about it!”

There’s no need to be surprised when your¬†conscious mind reads the previous statement, but I believe that i have to tell you a little secret. In short, all the things that are advertised in magazines, newspapers or on television, with different types, the approach is one, and what is being manipulated is one, and the target is one: YOU.

People don’t want to own one thing or two or more, so that they feel good about themselves, and pride when talking about what they have with others. It’s that feeling that tells you “Don’t worry, you’re not less valued than the one who’s talking to you now, you’re just like him, you have a new phone,a beautiful car and beautiful house just like he has, … etc.”. It’s called DESIRE my friend!

Marketing agencies use this desire to serve their advantage when designing campaigns, you will notice that most of the commercials care about something that will return to you when you buy this product, and that your life will be changed completely, and a rainbow will appear around you, and will not leave you and your business even in the bathroom!

Am I exaggerating? OK, lets say i have a bit exaggerated. But what i mean here is that the truth is contrary to what we see in commercials, you won’t feel that ecstasy of dancing and singing when you open a bottle of soda, I don’t think that anybody is taking that smile when he takes a shower just because of some kind of soap or a shower gel.

Simply, many marketing campaigns – ads- don’t fail; because they are rather than focusing on the most important characteristics of this product in a manner attractive and mind respective, they show you an image that doesn’t have any relationship with the product, and your life will not be better when you use that product.

Finally,¬† I don’t deny that advertising is very important to promote business and increase sales, but we have to distinguish between what respects minds, and what it’s main concern is crooning in order to implant the idea in your minds.

One more thing; marketing campaigns may not aim to sell a product, but to change the way you think…BE CAREFUL!

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