Things no Photographer wants to hear

Here’s an article about somethings no photographer (including myself) want to hear.
I decided to write this article because everytime i go out for some shots i face some of these things that i don’t (and any photographer) want to hear.


“Hey, take my photo!”

As a photographer, it’s nice to be able to decide exactly what I think should be captured, in the way that I like to capture it. That’s what I’m there for. Forced smiles and boring poses make for boring images that don’t capture anything, other than a person, or a few people, at a single event, which could be anywhere.


“Can you send me that?”

I’m happy to share photos with friends when they want them, but when someone you don’t know, or barely knows, asks you for a photo for free, that’s when it starts to cross the line. If you’re a professional, then you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for money, if the photo is good and someone wants it. How much you want to charge for a single photo is up to you, but if the photo is for someone that I know, then I usually offer a small discount. If they’re an adult about it, then chances are they will accept whatever you’re charging and won’t be offended, so don’t be afraid to ask. Selling a photo is a great way to start your day.


“I’ve got an idea for a photo…”

We as photographers have our own ideas and style, and choose how we take our photos very carefully. I will often give in and take the photo that someone else wants, but it can get to a point where the photo is going to come out horrible. Admittedly, it can be fun at times, but more often than not, it’s an idea that they’ve got from somewhere else, and that invariably means it’s not original, and possibly cliche. No one likes to be told how do their job.


“You must have a great camera.”

Having a good camera doesn’t mean shooting great photos, it’s all about you, many photographers have the same cameras but if you see the difference between their photos you get surprised.


“Do you mind bringing your camera?”

Usually, no I don’t mind, because i carry my camera with me everywhere i go, but the point here is not about if i mind or not it’s about i shot what i want and when i want!
If you’re a photographer then you know how could the light and many other variables effect your photos so it’s you who knows when it’s time for a good photo.


“You’re not allowed to take photos here…”

This is a real problem, I don’t tend to take photos where I’m not supposed to, so when I can legally take the photo, the last thing I want is for someone to tell me I can’t. You will hear complaints of ‘security issues’, ‘private property’ and even ‘threat of terrorism’, but these are largely unfounded. It varies depending on your country, because i’m living in Algeria so i know where i’m/not supposed to take photos, but in US, so long as you’re on public property, you can take photos of both public and private property. That means that so long as you’re standing on a public property, you can take a photo of most things, and there’s nothing that the owners of the private property can do.

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