Quick Screen Capture V1.0


Sometimes we need to take a screenshot for something important on our screen, usually we press the key “PRTSCR” on the keyboard and then paste the screenshot in an Image editor and then save it as the extension that we want, well, i was doing it all the time, but after using it many times i noticed that it takes too much for just a screenshot, so i decided to make an add-in for Windows that enable me to save the screenshot directly by just one key press, so i made this great application called QuickSCapture®.
Now with QuickSCapture®, when you press the keyboard key (PRTSC) or (Print Screen) the application will automatically take a screenshot of your screen and save it automatically.

But where does it save my screenshots?, and what extension?

QuickSCapture® is customizable, that’s mean you can change the destination folder and the extension and even the language!




Microsoft Windows XP or later.
Microsoft .NET Framework 2 or later.


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