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Horloger v1.0 Final

One of the things that we need to do while working, playing games or browsing the internet on our PC is finding out what time it is, and we as Windows users we need to look all the time at the notification area of the system tray, but what if we decided to hide the taskbar then we’ll find that the clock is not even visible, this is not the main reason that pushed me to make Horloger, i think my main reason it that I’ve got bored looking at that simple clock in the system tray.

So i made this attractive clock that takes the style of a HTC clock,

Horloger is customizable, that means there are a number skins available, including a mini version of the main theme, Horloger can be configured to start automatically with Windows and you can choose whether minutes, second, or milliseconds should be displayed or not.

Horloger is translated into many language:

The option to make the clock slightly transparent is handy. The date bar can also be made transparent or hidden altogether if you would like to reclaim the screen space.

Horloger supports multiple time and date formats for each date length, you can also change time format (12/24 hours).

There are three pre-set screen locations to choose from for the clock – top, middle and bottom, you can also switch to manual positioning mode.

To ensure that you can always tell what the time is you can i have added an option to have the clock always appear on top of other open windows. so the important areas of your screen get covered up


Some lovely users said:

Mark Wilson from Download Crew :

It’s hard not to fall in love with Horloger’s sleek and sexy look which will look great on any desktop.

Gordon Andrews:

Your clock is about the best I’ve seen yet on the internet. Many people have commented on your clock’s attractive appearance.


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Microsoft Windows XP or later.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or later.

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